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Türkiye to approve Sweden's NATO bid 'within weeks' - Swedish MFA

Türkiye to approve Sweden's NATO bid 'within weeks' - Swedish MFA Photo: Tobias Billström, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Sweden (Getty Images)

Türkiye has reportedly informed Sweden about plans to approve the country's application to join the North Atlantic Alliance within the next few weeks, says the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden.

"I had a bilateral with my colleague, the (Turkish) foreign minister ... where he told me he expected the ratification to take place within weeks," said the Swedish minister.

At the same time, an unnamed Turkish diplomatic source told the publication that Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan did not comment on the timeline for Sweden's NATO accession during bilateral negotiations.

The diplomat clarified that Fidan informed his Swedish counterparts that the parliament would support the ratification of the NATO membership application, without specifying the timeline.

Sweden's NATO accession

Recall that Sweden applied for NATO membership last year. Since then, all NATO member countries have approved Sweden's membership, except for Hungary and Türkiye.

Recently, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan submitted a bill for ratification to the parliament. The relevant committee is currently reviewing it, and the bill has not yet been brought to a vote.

According to Reuters, Türkiye may ratify Sweden's application by the end of 2023.