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Switzerland increases winter aid for Ukraine adding over $13 million

Switzerland increases winter aid for Ukraine adding over $13 million Photo: Switzerland increases aid for Ukrainians during winter (Getty Images)

Switzerland has decided to allocate additional aid to Ukraine during the winter period in the amount of 11.8 million Swiss francs (approximately 13.66 million US dollars), according to the press service of the Swiss government.

Thus, the total winter support will amount to approximately 26 million Swiss francs (over 30 million dollars).

In the statement from the Confederation's authorities, it is noted that "facing the severe challenges of an unforgiving winter, millions in Ukraine find themselves in dire need of assistance." The increased support from Bern is a response to these calls.

The release specifies that the measures include support for several non-governmental organizations providing aid to Ukrainian citizens.

"This assistance has made it possible to repair almost 1,000 flats and houses and distribute heating material to around 1,300 households in frontline areas," the Swiss government stated.

Where the aid will go

The local development and cooperation agency will increase support for the UN Humanitarian Fund program in Ukraine by 1.8 million Swiss francs (about 2 million dollars). These funds will be used for heating, winter clothing, rental support, and housing insulation.

As part of the winter aid program support, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees office will allocate 3 million Swiss francs (almost 3.5 million dollars) for internally displaced persons and citizens living in areas of the country affected by Russian military aggression.

Additionally, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Cooperation will allocate 10 million Swiss francs (about 11.6 million dollars) to the Energy Support Fund.

Swiss aid to Ukraine

Switzerland has been providing financial and humanitarian support to Ukraine since the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion, but it is not of a defensive nature. This is explained by the country's policy of neutrality since 1815 - Bern does not supply weapons for warfare, does not provide other military assistance, and does not allow the re-export of its weapons to third countries.

It is worth noting that in May of the current year, Switzerland took a step towards supplying arms to Ukraine, but amendments to the law on military equipment were blocked in the lower house of parliament.

Earlier in November, Swiss President Alain Berset stated that the Confederation would provide over 100 million euros in aid to Ukraine. The funds will be used for demining and food products.