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Swedish Navy suspects Russian shadow fleet of espionage

Swedish Navy suspects Russian shadow fleet of espionage Archive photo: Commander of the Swedish Navy, Ewa Skoog Haslum (

The Russian shadow fleet, which moves daily in the Baltic Sea, may be used for espionage purposes, stated the Commander of the Swedish Navy, Ewa Skoog Haslum.

According to her, the Russian shadow fleet moves daily through the Baltic Sea and transports several hundred thousand tons of petroleum products.

Ewa Skoog Haslum explained that the country is monitoring the movements, and there are documents confirming that some ships could be used for espionage. She asserts that ships of the Russian shadow fleet could be used for radio reconnaissance, i.e., intercepting messages.

"For example, we find antennas and masts that usually do not belong to a fishing vessel. Therefore, it is understandable that what is moving at sea sometimes has other purposes in their activities," she added.

RF shadow fleet

The Russian shadow fleet consists of old, often environmentally hazardous vessels used for exporting Russian oil in circumvention of sanctions.

About half of Russia's maritime oil shipments are currently conducted through the Baltic Sea, amounting to approximately 3 million barrels per day.

Activities of Russian spies

Russia has intensified the operations of its agents in Western countries. However, the security services of these countries are managing to counter them.

Recently, in Germany, two individuals were arrested on suspicion of preparing sabotage attacks, including on US military facilities, with the aim of disrupting military aid to Ukraine.

Additionally, a network of Russian spies attempted to gather information on military training and aid to Ukraine in Romania. They entered the country disguised as Ukrainian refugees.