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Sweden and Denmark to keep sending CV90 to Ukraine

Sweden and Denmark to keep sending CV90 to Ukraine Illustrative photo (wikimedia)

Sweden and Denmark have agreed to continue their support for Ukraine in the field of combat vehicles. Copenhagen and Stockholm have agreed to transfer infantry fighting vehicles CV90 to Kyiv, according to the press service of the Swedish government.

"The Ministers of Defense of Sweden and Denmark have signed a joint letter of intent regarding further support for Ukraine in the field of combat vehicles," the statement said.

Denmark will initially make a financial contribution of DKK 1.8 billion (approximately $263.6 million), and Sweden will support purchases under the agreement signed between the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) and Ukraine in July of this year.

"The letter of intent means that the parties will work on the procurement of additional Combat Vehicles 90 (CV90) for Ukraine, which will strengthen the overall potential of the Ukrainian defense forces," the statement said.

Swedish Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist stated that Copenhagen and Stockholm will use their industrial potential to ensure the supply of new CV90 to Ukraine.

"CV90 has been and remains an important addition to Ukraine's defense since Sweden handed over 50 vehicles earlier this year," he added.

During the year, Sweden has delivered 50 CV90 tanks to Ukraine, proving their high effectiveness and receiving positive evaluations.


Combat Vehicle 90 is a family of Swedish infantry fighting vehicles. Serial production of CV90 started in 1993, and approximately 1170 vehicles have been produced in various modifications, with the majority exported to other countries.

In addition to several BMP variants, CV90 has been used as the basis for various specialized armored combat vehicles, including a light tank with a 120mm smoothbore gun.

Sweden's assistance to Ukraine

On December 11, the Swedish government announced a new aid package of 1.4 billion SEK (133.5 million USD) for Ukraine. These funds will be used to support Ukrainians during the winter.

Prior to this, Ukraine and Sweden discussed collaboration in the field of innovation, experiences gained during military operations, as well as military aid and defense issues in general.