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Sweden adopted decision on special export credit guarantees for Ukraine

Sweden adopted decision on special export credit guarantees for Ukraine Sweden has adopted a decision on special export credit guarantees for Ukraine (photo: Getty Images)

As of April 1, a new regulation of the Swedish government on special credit guarantees for exports to Ukraine will come into effect. This will allow exporting companies to apply for guarantees from the Swedish Export Credit Agency, according to the Swedish National Export Credits Guarantee Board (EKN).

Special export credit guarantees are intended to apply to exports to Ukraine, which will contribute to its development and improvement. They make investments in Ukraine easier and safer for Swedish companies.

This opens up new opportunities for exporting essential goods to Ukraine and contributes to its economic development and recovery.

Additionally, the Swedish government has decided to open a trade secretary office in Kyiv and appoint a new trade secretary for Ukraine.

According to the Minister for International Cooperation, Development, and External Trade of Sweden, Johan Forsell, the export credit guarantees and the opening of a new trade office in Kyiv will contribute to attracting investments from Swedish companies to Ukraine.

"This is a concrete example of the government's work to strengthen the synergy between aid, trade, and business development," he added.

Ukraine has increased its exports through the maritime corridor to the maximum since the beginning of the war. The cargo turnover of the ports of Odesa amounted to 8 million tons in February, with 5.2 million tons being agricultural products. These are record export figures not only through Ukrainian maritime corridors but also since the start of the full-scale invasion, as noted by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Ukraine is approaching pre-war export figures through these ports. Currently, over 90% of all agro-exports go through the ports of Odesa and the Danube.

Additionally, Ukraine remains one of the main guarantors of food security. Since the start of the operation of the Ukrainian corridor, almost 28 million tons of cargo have been received by 42 countries, with 19 million tons being grains and oilseeds.