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Supreme Court of US temporarily allowed Texas police to arrest migrants

Supreme Court of US temporarily allowed Texas police to arrest migrants The Supreme Court of the US has allowed Texas police to arrest migrants (photo: Getty Images)

The Supreme Court of the US has temporarily allowed the Texas government to enforce a law that permits state police to detain and deport illegal migrants from Mexico, according to The New York Times.

The previously controversial law was challenged by the administration of US President Joe Biden as encroaching on the federal government's authority.

According to reports, while the appeal is being considered, Texas law enforcement will be allowed to detain individuals for illegal border crossings. The law also grants state courts the authority to issue deportation orders.

"Today, the court invites further chaos and crisis in immigration enforcement. Texas passed a law that directly regulates the entry and removal of noncitizens and explicitly instructs its state courts to disregard any ongoing federal immigration proceedings," one judge stated.

Problems with the border of the US and Mexico

One of the main problems on the US-Mexico border is the increasing number of illegal migrants. This is due to various factors, including poverty, violence, and persecution in Central American and Mexican countries.

Biden proposed to Congress to allocate $106 billion in aid to Ukraine and Israel, but Senate Republicans demanded changes to the bill to include more radical proposals for border protection with Mexico.

It was previously reported that the issue of aid to Ukraine could only be considered after the crisis on the border with Mexico is resolved.

Later, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said he was ready to oppose the federal government regarding the protection of the southern US border from the influx of migrants.