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Strike by Polish carriers: Ukraine has not yet received any official demands

Strike by Polish carriers: Ukraine has not yet received any official demands Ukraine has not received any official demands from Polish truck drivers (Photo: Getty Images)

The Ukrainian side has not yet received official demands from Polish carriers to unblock the border. However, Ukraine is prepared for a constructive dialogue, according to The Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine.

As reported, Polish carriers are blocking three border crossing points: Korchova - Krakivets, Hrebenne - Rawa-Ruska, and Dorohusk - Yahodyn.

"Our position is clear: border blockades harm the interests of both countries and create risks for the functioning of the Solidarity Lanes project. We are in constant communication with our Embassy in Poland, the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure, the European Commission, Ukrainian carriers, and border services to resolve the situation," the ministry emphasized.

The Ministry of Infrastructure noted that no official demands have been conveyed by Polish carriers to any representative of the Ukrainian side.

From the information available in media reports and on social media, among the demands is the cancellation of the transport visa regime, which would mean returning to the system of permits for cargo transportation, dedicated lanes and queues for trucks with EU plates and empty trucks, and access to the Shlyakh system.

"If we receive an official and substantiated position from our Polish partners, we are open to constructive dialogue. It is important for us that the interests of carriers from both countries are considered. We want to assure carriers and exporters that our team is working around the clock to find solutions to unlock the border crossings as quickly as possible," the ministry added.

Polish carrier strike

On November 6th, Polish carriers announced a strike on the border with Ukraine. They blocked traffic at three border crossing points.

Therefore, the throughput capacity is no more than one vehicle for export and import per hour.

According to Polish media reports, the striking truck drivers, who intend to protest "for a full two months until January 3, 2024," have put forward the following demands:

  1. Restoration of permitting relations with Ukraine
  2. Strengthening of transportation regulations
  3. Prohibition on registering companies in Poland if their finances and accounting are located outside the EU
  4. Access to the Ukrainian Shlyakh system
  5. Separation of specific lanes for EU vehicles in eCherha system (online tool to reserve a place in online queues to cross borders)
  6. Allocation of separate lanes for empty vehicles