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Spring fatigue - Scientific reasons behind feeling tired

Spring fatigue - Scientific reasons behind feeling tired Scientific reasons behind feeling tired in spring (

Your eyes tend to close during the day, and by noon, you already feel tired, ending up falling into bed without energy by evening. It's difficult for you to understand why your body reacts this way when everything around is lively and blossoming, while it gets darker later in the evening.

However, this is a common spring fatigue, and there's a scientific explanation for it, according to Fit for Fun.

Is spring fatigue real

We are not deceiving ourselves, we indeed experience strong weakness at the beginning of spring. Spring fatigue is a confirmed phenomenon that typically strikes at the start of a new season.

This phenomenon is mainly discovered in regions where significant changes in temperature and daylight accompany different seasons.

Transition from winter to spring exhausts us

Humans (similar to animals) are masters of adaptation. Our metabolism and hormones adjust to the climate. In winter, our bodies protect themselves by lowering the temperature by a few tenths. Blood pressure rises, and more sleep hormone melatonin is produced.

What happens to the body

All processes in the body slow down, and essentially, when the body is accustomed to winter and has calmed down, spring arrives, meaning another change in the body.

Metabolism and hormonal balance are completely disrupted. The level of melatonin also decreases slowly, resulting in dizziness and constant fatigue.

What helps during this period

It's crucial to get enough sleep and go for daily walks outdoors to oxygenate the body.

Proper nutrition is essential, including eating vegetables, fruits, and greens. And of course, reducing stress is important. If you feel extremely tired, try to rest a bit more to allow your body to adapt smoothly.

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