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Spies working for Belarus arrested in Lithuania

Spies working for Belarus arrested in Lithuania In Lithuania, spies working for Belarus were arrested (photo: GettyImages)

At the end of last year, Lithuania detained individuals who were spying for Belarus, according to LRT.

In the second half of 2023, several people in Lithuania were detained on suspicion of collecting and transmitting non-secret information about the Lithuanian Armed Forces, namely:

  • the volunteer forces of national defense;
  • on the movement of military equipment and its location;
  • civilian objects of strategic importance.

"The suspects collected information of interest to foreign intelligence, passed it on to the customer, and received a reward for it while performing tasks from the relevant Belarusian structures," the prosecutor's office reported.

The suspects are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, do not have permits to work with secret information, and do not have access to such information.

The head of the State Security Department emphasized that citizens traveling to Belarus are at risk of being recruited at the border and that Belarusian services may also try to recruit Belarusian citizens working in Lithuania. According to Jauniškis, these services are more aggressive.

"Using intimidation, the services try to recruit employees of the Lithuanian diplomatic mission in Belarus, but so far without success, it should be emphasized," Jauniškis said.

Cases of espionage around the world

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