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Special fake unit far from front created for Kremlin elite - UK intelligence

Special fake unit far from front created for Kremlin elite - UK intelligence Special fake unit far from front created for Kremlin elite (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

A special unit has been created far from the front lines for Moscow's elite, where they can safely demonstrate their allegiance to the Kremlin, according to the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom.

According to the report, the husband of the well-known Russian blogger Yelena Blinovskaya joined a unit of the Russian army in an attempt to prevent Blinovskaya from being imprisoned on charges of tax evasion. Alexei Blinovskiy was pictured on April 16, 2024, during his service in the specially created military unit Bars Kaskad near Ukraine.

According to British intelligence, this unit was created by the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Defense Committee, Dmitry Sablin. The unit primarily participates in operations with unmanned aerial vehicles, typically far from the front lines. It has been active since October 2022, and it includes at least 10 members of the United Russia Party and sons of Kremlin VIPs. It is reported that additional security measures are provided to VIP members.

"Enlistment with Bars Kaskad likely allows Russian elite figures to sidestep statutory Russian military service requirements with guaranteed safety and potentially curry favour with the Kremlin," the British Ministry of Defense said.

Support for the war against Ukraine among Russian citizens

According to British intelligence, Russia recruits around 30,000 new soldiers to its army every month, allowing them to cover losses and continue the war against Ukraine.

According to the Levada Center, the majority of Russian citizens support the war against Ukraine. In March 2024, only 16% of respondents were against it, while another 9% were undecided. Over the past year, the proportion of those expecting a second wave of mobilization has decreased. It is believed that it could be announced within the next 3 months, according to 48% of Russian citizens.