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Spain's Prime Minister decides to stay in office amid scandal

Spain's Prime Minister decides to stay in office amid scandal Photo: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez (Getty Images)

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has announced that he will remain in office after five days of reflection on his retention in the post following an investigation against his wife, according to El País.

He said that over the weekend he had received messages of support both from his party's Federal Committee and from activists on the streets and at campaign events in Catalonia.

“No matter how high, there is no honor that justifies the unjust suffering of the people you love and respect the most and seeing their dignity destroyed without the slightest reason,” he said.

Sánchez expressed his gratitude for the solidarity and compassion his family has received from all areas.

“I have decided to continue my work as the President of the Government of Spain with even greater strength. This decision is not a complete stop, it is a complete victory,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

Scandal in Spain

The wife of the current Prime Minister of Spain is suspected of corruption. Begoña Gómez is accused of using her official position to promote the interests of private companies.

The investigation was initiated by Manos Limpias, an anti-corruption organization known for its ties to far-right politicians.

Among the charges is a sponsorship agreement between the tour operator Globalia and the IE Africa Center Foundation, which Gómez headed in 2020. It is worth noting that it was during this period that Globalia received a significant subsidy of 475 million euros to save its airline Air Europa. The subsidy was allocated as part of the government's business support program during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The court is currently conducting a preliminary investigation in this case.