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SpaceX received permission for the re-launch of Starship

SpaceX received permission for the re-launch of Starship SpaceX allowed to launch Starship for the second time (photo: Twitter SpaceX)

SpaceX has received approval for a second launch of its revolutionary Starship rocket after the first attempt ended in failure, according to Bloomberg.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted SpaceX permission to launch its Starship. The approval indicates that SpaceX meets all safety, environmental, policy, and financial responsibility requirements.

The granted permit suggests that the FAA is satisfied with the modifications SpaceX made to its rocket and launch site following the failure of the initial launch.

It is reported that among the changes, the company conducted numerous tests of the so-called water deluge system, which raises water during launch to counteract intense forces.

In a post on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), SpaceX announced its plans to conduct a test flight on Friday, November 17, from its facility in Boca Chica, Texas.

Starship launch

Rocket Starship, the central part of the ambitions of CEO Elon Musk to transport cargo and eventually humans to the Moon and Mars, experienced its first launch on April 20 by SpaceX, but it exploded.

Part of the Raptor engines installed on the Super Heavy booster malfunctioned, causing the rocket to start rotating and deviate from the correct course. Musk noted that multiple attempts might be necessary for a successful rocket launch.