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South Korean engineers stole data on new fighter jet, investigation launched

South Korean engineers stole data on new fighter jet, investigation launched Engineers in South Korea stole data on a new aircraft (photo:

South Korean police are conducting a comprehensive investigation into a possible data leak involving a next-generation combat aircraft at Aerospace Industries, according to Reuters.

Two engineers, who are citizens of Indonesia, are suspected of stealing and transferring secret data to a third party. It is known that the suspects are closely associated with the development of the KF-21 fighter project.

A representative of Aerospace Industries stated that the company is actively cooperating with the investigation to ensure that it can provide all necessary data for the investigation to be completed as quickly as possible.

The prospective KF-21 fighter is intended to be a cheaper alternative to the American F-35 fighter.

The KF-21 fighter is a strategic project of South Korea and Indonesia. Representatives of the defense departments of both countries have stated that they will jointly address any issues that arise in the creation of the new aircraft as quickly as possible.

KF-21 fighter jet information

The KF-21 is a 4++ generation multi-role fighter being developed for the South Korean Air Force and the Indonesian Air Force. It is South Korea's second fighter development program after the KAI T-50 Golden Eagle. The project was first announced by South Korean President Kim Dae-jung at the graduation ceremony of the Air Force Academy in March 2001.

The initial operational requirements called for the development of a single-seat, twin-engine, stealthy jet fighter. In terms of size, the aircraft was intended to exceed the Dassault Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon but be more compact than the F-35. On July 19, 2022, the first successful flight of the prototype of the KF-21 multi-role fighter took place.