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South Korea and US conducted large-scale air exercises

South Korea and US conducted large-scale air exercises South Korea and the US conducted large-scale air exercises (photo:

South Korean and American military conducted joint aviation exercises practicing combat shooting at potential North Korean ballistic missiles near the western coast of South Korea, according to Yonhap.

It is noted that the five-day training involved approximately 0 aircraft, including South Korean F-35A, F-15K, and F-4E jets, as well as A-10 and F-16 aircraft from the U.S. 7th Air Force.

Pilots trained on staging precision strikes against simulated enemy cruise missiles flying at low altitudes with air-to-air missiles and against long-range artillery, using air-to-surface missiles and guided bombs.

The training was in response to the artillery drills conducted by the North Korean army on March 7. It is reported that units capable of striking Seoul participated in the live-fire exercises.

North Korea's provocations and nuclear threats from Pyongyang

In January, Kim Jong Un made a series of statements indicating his willingness and readiness to start a war with South Korea.

The New York Times reported that the US anticipates the possibility of hostilities between North Korea and South Korea in the coming months.

However, the press notes that Pyongyang has a significant reason not to ignite the conflict, as North Korea's economic growth has reached its highest level in almost a decade due to arms sales from Russia.

Against the backdrop of threats of military conflict, North Korea conducted exercises simulating the storming and capture of a South Korean border post. The need for training in attacking border posts in North Korea was explained by the need to counter constant threats from enemies.