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South Korea and Great Britain to hold summit on AI development

South Korea and Great Britain to hold summit on AI development Photo: South Korea and Britain to hold AI summit (Getty Images)

South Korea and Britain will hold a joint artificial intelligence summit in May. The Seoul AI Summit, scheduled for May 21-22, is a continuation of the Artificial Intelligence Security Summit held in November last year in England, according to Yonhap.

At the inaugural event, countries such as South Korea, the USA, Britain, Japan, and Germany participated.

The upcoming meeting will focus on discussing ways to advance innovation and mutual growth through the development of artificial intelligence.

On the evening of May 21, the leaders of the participating countries will hold a virtual summit to discuss ways to ensure AI security. On May 22, a ministerial meeting will take place to discuss specific areas of cooperation based on the discussions at the summit the day before, including measures to enhance AI security in each country and develop sustainable AI.

Also on May 22, the Global AI Forum will be held in South Korea, with high-ranking officials from countries around the world, key industry leaders, and representatives from scientific circles participating.

The forum was proposed by President Yoon Suk Yeol during his keynote address at the UN General Assembly in September last year.

"Our government expects the AI Global Forum, together with the AI Summit hosted by our government, to establish itself as a platform offering specific directions for the launch of a new AI global governance structure in the future," the president's office said.

Development of artificial intelligence in South Korea

It was previously reported that the South Korean police will employ artificial intelligence to combat deepfakes. Law enforcement plans to use the data for investigation purposes rather than as direct evidence. The system will collaborate with AI experts to avoid errors in identifying fakes, primarily focusing on videos related to elections.

It has also been revealed that the Ministry of Defense of South Korea has established a research center aimed at implementing artificial intelligence in the defense sector. It will focus on developing technologies related to AI-based manned and unmanned systems, battlefield situational awareness, as well as the application of AI technologies in the civilian sector within the military.