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Sony's gaming industry vision for next 10 years

Sony's gaming industry vision for next 10 years What games and entertainment will look like in the 2030s according to Sony (photo: Unsplash)

Sony recently hosted a meeting dedicated to the company's long-term strategy, unveiling an extraordinary clip titled "Creative Entertainment Vision." In this video, the company showcased its vision for the entertainment industry up to the year 2034, according to the British entertainment website Video Games Chronicle.

The "Creative Entertainment Vision" clip published on Sony's YouTube channel presents concepts that could become a reality in the next decade.

The video demonstrates how virtual reality will enable people to create avatars and immerse themselves in virtual worlds to interact with others. This opens up new possibilities for entertainment and communication.

Additionally, the clip showcases various concepts for future devices, such as a smartphone, a portable console with a levitating transparent screen, and a transparent tablet.

The video also features parks with mechanical dinosaurs and ghosts from popular company franchises, such as the Horizon game series and the Ghostbusters movies.

One of the most exciting prototypes presented is a revolutionary controller that combines the functions of a traditional gamepad and a holographic screen, attracting the audience's attention.

Sony emphasizes that this is currently just a concept, sharing its vision of what gaming controllers could be like in a few years.

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