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Some Ukrainian pilots complete training on F-16s, Air Force says

Some Ukrainian pilots complete training on F-16s, Air Force says Photo: Some Ukrainian pilots complete their F-16 training (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Some Ukrainian pilots are already completing training on F-16s. When the fighter jets arrive in Ukraine, the pilots will be ready to perform missions, according to Illia Yevlash, spokesperson for the Ukrainian Air Force.

"Preparations are ongoing, this process continues at different levels. We already have pilots who are completing their training on the F-16. As soon as it becomes possible, F-16s will arrive in Ukraine, of course, these pilots will be ready to perform combat missions in the airspace in the Ukrainian sky," he says.

According to the spokesperson, Ukraine needs more than a dozen F-16s to protect its airspace and repel Russian attacks.

"These fighters will be able to fight small targets, including cruise missiles," adds Yevlash.

F-16s transfer to Ukraine

Ukraine's allies have created an aviation coalition after long discussions. As part of the agreement, Ukraine will receive F-16 fighter jets from the Netherlands, Denmark, and other partners.

The allies also organized training for Ukrainian pilots on F-16s. Earlier, the Pentagon said that the first F-16s would arrive in Ukraine with trained pilots and technical staff.

It remains to be seen when Ukraine will receive the planes. But partners are hopeful that it will happen this year.