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Some states began to aid Russia to disrupt Global Peace Summit: Zelenskyy

Some states began to aid Russia to disrupt Global Peace Summit: Zelenskyy Photo: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine (

Russia continues its efforts to disrupt the upcoming Global Peace Summit, scheduled for June 15-16 in Switzerland, and attempts to blackmail other countries for this purpose. Some states are currently even assisting Moscow in these endeavors, states the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy at an event in Singapore.

During his speech at the plenary session "Re-imagining solutions for global peace and regional stability," the head of the Ukrainian state noted that as of today, Ukraine has confirmation from 106 countries worldwide regarding their participation in the Summit.

"And this is at a high level, at the level of leaders and representatives of their states," he said.

At the same time, Zelenskyy pointed out that Russia is currently attempting to disrupt the planned event, engaging in corresponding efforts without refraining from intimidation and blackmail, acting across all regions.

"Today, Russia is trying to disrupt the upcoming Peace Summit. And it's true... What is Russia doing - this country at war? Today, it travels to many countries around the world, threatening with food, agricultural, or chemical product blockades. Threatening to dump energy prices... Simply pressuring other world states not to participate in the summit," the Ukrainian president expressed.

He emphasized that the Kremlin is trying to prevent the event from taking place, where issues "are not even about defensive aid to Ukraine, but simply about supporting the end of the war, supporting peace."

"And it’s about disrupting it, and doing it in all regions. And today, there is not very good information, frankly speaking, that some countries have started to assist it in this, in the diplomatic disruption of the peace summit," Zelenskyy disclosed.

In response to these aggressive intentions by the aggressor country, he noted that today the world "must be strong, politically pressing on Russia."

"Otherwise, stopping Putin (Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, - ed.) is impossible, only political isolation, a strong Ukrainian army, and understanding by all countries until the end - not balancing between Ukraine and Russia, but defending justice and international law," said Zelenskyy.

Global Peace Summit

As a reminder, several world leaders have already confirmed their participation in the Global Peace Summit scheduled to take place in Geneva, Switzerland on June 15-16. The proposed peace formula by the President of Ukraine will be discussed at the upcoming event.

In total, Ukraine and Switzerland have invited over 150 countries to attend. Russia did not receive an invitation.

According to Zelenskyy, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin fears what the future Peace Summit in Switzerland may bring. He also stated at the end of May that Russia threatens destabilization to participants of the peace summit, but this will not prevent the summit from taking place.

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