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Ukraine to hold first Peace Summit in Switzerland: What is behind this decision

Ukraine to hold first Peace Summit in Switzerland: What is behind this decision Photo: the first Peace Summit will be held in Switzerland (Getty Images)

The first peace summit organized by Ukraine on June 15-16 will take place in Switzerland at one of the local resorts.

More details about why Kyiv decided to hold such an event there can be found in the material by RBC-Ukraine.


Switzerland is a neutral state

Presumably, Ukraine decided to hold the first Peace Summit in Switzerland because it is a neutral state, making it easier to involve not only Western countries but also countries from the Global South in the event.

Switzerland chose to become a neutral state as far back as 1815 when four corresponding international legal acts were signed. Interestingly, this decision was not influenced by external threats but rather by strong domestic support.

Switzerland did not participate in either the First or the Second World War, despite hostilities occurring across much of Europe. This is also linked to its neutrality.

The country mobilized twice during the world wars, but its soldiers never actively engaged in combat.

Switzerland's neutrality is one of the longest-standing types of neutrality among all countries in the world.

Impact of Switzerland's neutrality on its position regarding Ukraine

Due to its neutral stance, Switzerland refrains from supplying Ukrainian defenders with its weaponry. Furthermore, Swiss authorities have prohibited other countries from providing the Ukrainian Armed Forces with Swiss-manufactured arms.

However, despite this, Switzerland's neutrality does not hinder it from maintaining an adequate stance regarding the war in Ukraine. It has condemned Russian aggression against Ukraine and advocates for the restoration of our country's territorial integrity.

Switzerland has also supported 13 packages of European Union sanctions against Russia, which has drawn sharp criticism from Moscow.

Russia's panic over Bern's decision

Russia has taken offense at Switzerland for assisting in the organization of the Peace Summit.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accuses Switzerland of "losing its neutral status." The head of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also claimed that Switzerland is a hostile country to Russia.

At the same time, Russian officials sharply criticize the Peace Summit, fearing that Moscow may be presented with an ultimatum.

Russia was not invited to the first Peace Summit. More details on Ukraine's explanation for this decision can be found in the material by RBC-Ukraine.