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Somali pirates face prosecution for first time

Somali pirates face prosecution for first time (photo: screenshot from the video)

The Indian Navy handed over 35 captured pirates to the police in Mumbai, India. They will be the first to be prosecuted under India's anti-piracy law of 2022, according to Reuters.

India, the dominant naval power in the Gulf of Aden and northern Arabian Sea, captured pirates from the cargo ship Ruhen last week, three months after it was hijacked off the coast of Somalia.

Since November, pirates have attempted or carried out seizures of over 20 vessels, leading to increased insurance and security costs for global companies.

Pirates captured by Indian commandos face life imprisonment. They will be the first to be held accountable under India's 2022 anti-piracy law, which allows the navy to detain and arrest pirates on the high seas.

Somalis used the Ruhen as their mother ship for attacks on other vessels, the navy said. Special forces rescued all 17 crew members.

According to the Indian Navy, India has responded to 18 incidents, deploying 21 ships and 5,000 personnel in rotation, boarding and investigating over 1,000 vessels, the navy said. Its unprecedented presence has deployed more than a dozen warships some days.

On March 17, Indian naval forces, with the participation of special forces, repelled pirates from a cargo ship off Somalia and rescued 17 crew members.