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Solar eclipse on October 14: Three things everyone should do

Solar eclipse on October 14: Three things everyone should do Things to do on a solar eclipse (
Author: Maria Kholina

According to NASA, on October 14, the second solar eclipse of the year will occur, visible to over 32 million people around the world. On this day, there are three important rituals that must be performed.

The solar eclipse will begin on October 14, 2023, at 18:03 Kyiv time (15:03 GMT, Greenwich Mean Time), and it will end at 23:55 Kyiv time (20:55 GMT), with the maximum phase occurring at 20:59 in Kyiv (17:59 GMT).

The solar eclipse will be broadcasted on NASA's YouTube channel.

What to do during the solar eclipse

The eclipse corridor is a wonderful period for rejuvenation and reevaluating one's values. It's a favorable moment for setting goals and intentions, an opportunity to take your creative and self-management skills to a new level.

Often, during eclipse corridors, events that sadden a person occur. They may feel like they are losing something precious and are not ready to let go. Below are three important rituals to perform on this day:

1. Activate the sun within you

Feel the energy unwinding in the solar weave. Visualize the central Sun. Connect your inner and outer luminaries, become a sun, radiate your inner light as brightly as possible. Maintain this state and gift your uniqueness to the world, revealing your talents and potential.

2. Visualize your future

Write down your goals and desires on a beautiful sheet of paper. Write down everything you want in life!

Consider what new things you want to attract into your life, in what relationships you see yourself, and perhaps, what qualities you want to develop. Your desires can relate to all aspects of life. You can also paint a picture.

3. Create a new way of living your dream

Imagine for a moment that your wish has come true. How do you see your life in 5-10 years? What is happening to you? What people surround you? How do you interact with those people?

Feel as deeply as possible the state you experience there. Place the created image in the sphere before you. And release it, like a balloon, into the universe for realization.

What not to do on the day of the solar eclipse

Avoid conducting significant financial operations - buying, selling, or making investments. Also, refrain from entering into contracts. It is believed that during these periods, attention is scattered, and you might make incorrect decisions or overlook important details.

Do not burden yourself physically or emotionally, as such days can intensify stress.

It is not advisable to make important decisions related to your personal life, as they can lead to unforeseen consequences, and rectifying a mistake later may be very difficult or impossible. Avoid quitting your job, resolving conflicts, or arguing.