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Solar eclipse 2023 to impact on these three Zodiac signs: Who can expect changes

Solar eclipse 2023 to impact on these three Zodiac signs: Who can expect changes Which Zodiac signs will be most influenced by a Solar Eclipse (photo: Freepik)

The horoscope promises significant changes in the lives of three zodiac signs due to the upcoming Solar Eclipse, also known as the "Ring of Fire."

On October 14th, the Sun and Moon will align in Libra, ruled by Venus. This celestial event will bring remarkable new beginnings for certain zodiac signs. The eclipse will begin at 18:03 Kyiv time and conclude at 23:55, with the maximum phase occurring at 20:59.

As for whom this Solar Eclipse will influence the most and what changes can be expected for these zodiac signs, according to JoyPup.


Be prepared for significant changes in your romantic life. On October 14 the alignment of the Sun and Moon will have a powerful impact on your life. This solar eclipse will evoke a new desire for balanced and mutual relationships.

It's a pivotal moment that could signify the beginning of important relationships, or on the contrary, you might decide to end a long-term partnership.

Prepare for increased social interaction - you'll find yourself communicating with others more than usual. So, make the most of the opportunities that come your way.


The solar eclipse in Libra will have a profound impact on your domestic and family matters. Be prepared for positive changes in your living situation or alterations in your relationships with roommates or family members. Even if you don't feel the need for these changes, your home will become an ideal, safe place, offering comfort and coziness.

Embrace the powerful energy of this eclipse and create a nurturing environment that brings you joy and tranquility.


This eclipse holds special significance for you. Your relationships will take center stage alongside personal transformations. As the Sun and Moon align, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, presenting the world with a new and improved version of yourself.

Pay attention to how others perceive this change, and consider how it will affect your interactions. During this time, it's crucial to set priorities and establish healthy boundaries.