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So-called 'parliament" of Abkhazia transfers state dacha to Russia. Georgia's reaction

So-called 'parliament" of Abkhazia transfers state dacha to Russia. Georgia's reaction Photo: Salome Zourabichvili, the President of Georgia (Getty Images)

The self-proclaimed "parliament" of Abkhazia has decided to transfer a state dacha complex to Russia, which is considered a policy of creeping annexation in the occupied territories of Georgia, according to the President of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia.

"We strongly condemn another seizure of land by the Russians on Georgian territories and their creeping policy of annexation. The strong public reaction we observe regarding the transfer of "Bichvinta" is a direct result of the ongoing occupation," stated the official statement.

The President called on the international community for a decisive and urgent response.

Reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Diplomats clarified that the ratification of the so-called "agreement" by the self-proclaimed "parliament" of the Abkhazian occupation regime to transfer the Bichvinta recreational building to the Russian Federation is another unlawful act and a continuation of Russia's occupation policy towards Georgia's regions. This action grossly violates the fundamental principles of international law.

"In light of international law, any such agreement is null and void. Therefore, against the background of the occupation of the Abkhazia region, the so-called agreement on the transfer of the territory cannot have any legal effect," added the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bichvinta state dachas

The dacha complex in Pitsunda was built from 1958 to 1961 under the direction of the first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Nikita Khrushchev.

As of January 2022, Russia agreed with the unrecognized Abkhazia to lease these lands for 49 years.

Georgia-Russia relations

The official authorities of Georgia regard Abkhazia and South Ossetia as territories occupied by Russia.

Earlier, the head of the Abkhazian occupation administration, Aslan Bzhania, claimed to have reached an agreement with Russia for the creation of a base on the region's territory to accommodate the Black Sea Fleet.

However, the Georgian parliament decided not to consider a resolution condemning Russian plans to build a Black Sea Fleet base in the occupied Abkhazia.

Recently, Georgia attempted to justify not joining EU sanctions against Russia.