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Slovakia to increase protection for officials following assassination attempt on Fico

Slovakia to increase protection for officials following assassination attempt on Fico Photo: Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

The Slovak parliament has approved a package of bills aimed at strengthening the protection of the country's officials after an assassination attempt on Prime Minister Robert Fico, according to the Associated Press.

According to the initiatives, the Slovak authorities will have the power to prohibit protests or demonstrations in front of politicians' homes and in residential areas. Also, their organization will be prohibited near the places where the government and the president meet.

The Ministry of the Interior will also prepare long-term residences for the Prime Minister, President and Speaker of the Parliament of Slovakia, and they will be obliged to use them.

The leaders of all political parties represented in the Slovak parliament, the Prosecutor General and the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court will be provided with security.

Prime Ministers and Speakers of Parliament who have served at least two terms will receive regular payments after their terms end. Currently, such payments are only provided to former Presidents.

These measures are expected to come into effect on July 15 after the legislative package is signed by Slovak President Peter Pellegrini.

Assassination Attempt on Fico

On May 15, the Slovak government held an offsite meeting in the city of Handlova. After the meeting, Prime Minister Robert Fico came out to the Slovaks gathered outside the building. At that time, a man pulled out a gun and shot the head of the government several times.

Fico received several bullet wounds and was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The Slovak prime minister underwent surgery there.

The attacker was detained at the scene. He was the writer Juraj Cintula. According to Cintula, he committed the assassination attempt because he disagreed with Fico's policies.

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