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Slovakia's prime minister awaits another surgery

Slovakia's prime minister awaits another surgery Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is facing another surgery, but complications may arise with his medication, according to Pravda.

It is reported that Fico is awaiting surgery on his hip.

At the same time, the Slovak Prime Minister had a bleeding in the abdominal cavity, but it was successfully stopped. It is emphasized that the blood-thinning drugs taken by the Prime Minister may cause problems.

Miriam Lapunikova, director of the hospital where Fico is being treated, reported that he underwent a five-hour surgery due to multiple gunshot wounds, for which two surgical teams were needed.

According to her, the Prime Minister's condition remains "really very serious," and he, as before, remains in the intensive care unit.

Attack on Fico

On May 15 in the city of Handlová, a man attacked Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico. This happened near the building where a government meeting was taking place.
The politician suffered a gunshot wound. After that, Fico was immediately hospitalized and shortly after midnight underwent surgery.

Slovak media revealed the identity of the person who attempted to take Fico's life. It turned out to be 71-year-old writer and poet Juraj Cintula.

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