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Slovak Prime Minister undergoes surgery again, condition is critical

Slovak Prime Minister undergoes surgery again, condition is critical Archival photo: Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has undergone another surgery, but his condition is still very serious, according to the Minister of Defense of Slovakia Robert Kaliňák.

Comments from the government

Kaliňák reported that Robert Fico underwent a two-hour operation, and doctors attempted to stabilize the patient's condition towards a positive prognosis.

"The situation remains very serious," he said.

According to Kaliňák, today's surgery was aimed at improving wound healing. He added that only in a few days it will be clear what to expect.

Minister of Defense also stated that the first four days after the gunshot wound will be the most challenging, but he sees progress now. According to him, today's operation showed that the first surgery was done well.

What doctors say

Miriam Lapunikova, the director of the hospital in Banska Bystrica, stated that the Prime Minister underwent a follow-up computer tomography scan, and based on the results, necrotic tissues remaining after the gunshot wound were removed.

“The patient's condition is really very serious,” said the hospital director.

She added that although his condition was very serious, doctors managed to stabilize it. The hospital director mentioned that every morning, a council of experts gathers to decide on the next steps. Therefore, it is impossible to say today whether the Prime Minister will need further surgeries. The director promised that doctors would report on the Prime Minister's condition on social media every day.

Assassination attempt on Prime Minister Fico

Two days ago, after a meeting of the Slovak government, Robert Fico was attacked by the writer Juraj Cintula, who shot him several times. The Prime Minister was urgently taken to the hospital and underwent surgery.

The police have already charged Cintula with premeditated revenge murder. He now faces a punishment of up to life imprisonment.