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Slovak PM attacker faces 25 years to life imprisonment

Slovak PM attacker faces 25 years to life imprisonment Photo: Arrest of Juraj Cintula (

Police have charged the attacker on Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico with premeditated revenge murder against a protected person, classified as attempted murder. Writer Juraj Cintula faces from 25 years to life imprisonment, reports Dennik N.

The media says that the fact the shooter acted out of revenge and against an official, i.e. a protected person, will be an aggravating circumstance that may determine the final punishment for the crime.

The man is being held in a police cell at the National Criminal Agency in Nitra.

Attempted murder on Fico

On May 15, Cintula shot at the Prime Minister of Slovakia after a cabinet meeting ended and Robert Fico went to greet people waiting for him at the square. The man carried a firearm he had a permit on.

The attacker fired 5 shots at Fico, leaving the prime minister with multiple wounds. The shooter wounded him in the stomach and left arm. The Prime Minister was taken to the hospital, where he was operated on for five hours.

According to Slovak media, Fico is expected to undergo another surgery.