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Slovak carriers block border checkpoint with Ukraine

Slovak carriers block border checkpoint with Ukraine Spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service, Andrii Demchenko (

Slovak carriers today, on December 1, started blocking the checkpoint on the border with Ukraine, as a spokesperson for the State Border Guard Service, Andrii Demchenko, says in a comment to RBC-Ukraine.

"We received information from Slovak border guards about the beginning of the truck traffic blockade in the direction of the checkpoints Vyšné Nemecké - Uzhhorod. Slovak carriers are partially blocking the cargo direction," the statement said.

Slovak carriers block border checkpoint with UkrainePhoto: Checkpoint blocking (

According to available information, the blockade may be indefinite. Preliminarily, the passage of trucks leaving Slovakia will be limited to 4 vehicles per hour and there will be no blockage for humanitarian cargo, fuel, and other essential goods.

The movement of trucks entering Slovakia will be ensured as usual.

"In case of receiving additional information from the Slovak side, we will inform you further. Currently, there are about 900 freight vehicles in line on the territory of Slovakia towards Ukraine," added Demchenko.

Ukrainian border blockade

Since November 6, the movement of freight transport has been complicated on the Ukrainian-Polish border. As of November 30, truck traffic is restricted at four checkpoints.

The cause was the strikes by Polish carriers. They demand a return to the permit system for the country. RBC-Ukraine visited the Ukrainian-Polish border, where queues of trucks over 20 km long have formed. Read more in our story.

On November 21, Slovak carriers also began blocking the movement of trucks towards Ukraine through the checkpoint Vyšné Nemecké - Uzhhorod. However, the border was unblocked the next day.

Yesterday it was reported that Slovak carriers planned to block one of the checkpoints on the border with Ukraine on December 1, namely Vyšné Nemecké - Uzhhorod. After the closure of routes through Poland, the flow of traffic through Slovakia increased. Therefore, Slovaks also want to introduce permits for Ukrainian carriers.