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Situation in southern regions of Ukraine: Russians dig in and reinforce reserves

Situation in southern regions of Ukraine: Russians dig in and reinforce reserves Photo: Ukrainian Armed Forces about the situation in the south: Russians are digging in and raising reserves (Getty Images)

The adversary in the southern region persists in bolstering the fortifications of their positions. Specifically, they are mobilizing reserves and closely monitoring the activities of our defenders on the right bank, reports the press service of the Operational Command South.

"In the area under the responsibility of the Southern Defense Forces, the adversary continues to reinforce the fortifications of their positions and mobilize reserves. They are closely monitoring the actions of our defenders on the right bank while persistently applying artillery shelling and actively utilizing drones," reported the press service.

The operational command adds that there are currently no signs of the enemy forming offensive groupings. Meanwhile, our defenders maintain positions on the left bank of the Dnipro River and continue to inflict fire damage on Russian terrorists.

Maritime situation

The operational command notes the presence of three enemy warships, with two in the Black Sea and one in the Sea of Azov. The missile carriers are stationed at their respective bases.

Russian strikes

Over the past day, Russians launched an aerial strike with a guided missile X-59 towards Kryvyi Rih. The air defense system intercepted and destroyed it in the air, but debris caused damage to a building on the premises of one enterprise. No civilians were harmed.

The enemy conducted 12 artillery bombardments on populated areas in the past day, including at least 7 strikes on Kherson. Three individuals were injured as a result of the shelling, with damages to multi-story buildings, administrative structures, and private houses.

"Continuing to terrorize the civilian population on the right bank, the enemy carried out strikes using 3 FPV drones and dropped 8 fragmentation munitions of various modifications from UAVs on the settlements of Zolota Balka, Beryslav, Havrylivka, and Novoberyslav. In Beryslav, one civilian was killed, and another was injured. A private house was also damaged," reports the press service.

Frontline situation

According to analysts from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), our forces continue offensive operations in the western part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast. Notably, they successfully counterattacked west of Robotyne.

Per the General Staff's data, military personnel on the Melitopol direction are actively inflicting losses on the enemy and depleting their forces along the entire frontline.