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Sick and blind in Russian army: Ukrainian intelligence intercepts Russian soldier's call to mother

Sick and blind in Russian army: Ukrainian intelligence intercepts Russian soldier's call to mother Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Russian soldier complained to his mother about the fact that sick and blind fighters are being sent to his unit, according to the Defense Intelligence of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.

Sick and blind in the war against Ukraine

"Mom, something strange is happening here, I'm telling you. We have a guy. He had surgery in Moscow, they put some springs in his heart, and they tell him he's fit for service," the Russian complained.

He also explained that there was a case with a blind soldier who essentially couldn't see anything beyond his hands. However, he was still declared fit for the war against Ukraine.

Uneven payments among Russian occupants

"I'm not on the frontline, I'm on the second line of defense," the occupant said.

According to him, Russians and he shouldn't be compared. In fact, he belongs to the 1st Russian Corps, which is why the payments for participating in the war against Ukraine vary.

The occupant tried to assure his mother of continuing land capture in Ukraine

The occupant attempted to reassure his mother that he plans to continue capturing Ukrainian lands. However, he is troubled only by the disorder in documents and unequal rights among his own military personnel.

Intercepted conversations

Ukrainian intelligence regularly publishes intercepted conversations of occupants with their relatives or friends. During such conversations, Russians discuss the actual state of affairs in the war against Ukraine, complain about significant losses, and low payments.

Earlier, we reported that the wife of a Russian military member revealed that with each passing day, the situation on the front deteriorates for the occupants.

Additionally, panic and dissatisfaction are growing among Russian occupants. They are unwilling to follow command orders and record plaintive videos.