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Should Ukranians expect compensation for self-repaired damaged property?

Should Ukranians expect compensation for self-repaired damaged property? Illustrative photo (Photo: RBC-Ukraine )
Author: Daria Shekina

As of today, 474,571 Ukrainians have submitted information through the "Diia" portal about their destroyed or damaged property. This number is not final and continues to increase daily, making it currently impossible to predict the ultimate total of reported cases, according to an interview for Ukrainian TV with Olena Shulyak, the head of the Ukrainian Parliament Committee on Organization of State Power, Local Self-Government, Regional Development, and Urban Planning, as well as the head of the "Servant of the People" party.к

"Among the people who have submitted information, some have already benefited from the e-Restoration program and received up to 200,000 hryvnias for urgent repairs. However, there are many individuals still waiting for the compensation program for destroyed homes to be launched in August. Some people couldn't wait and, using their own funds, repaired their homes," Shulyak pointed out.

She emphasized that in all branches of power - the parliament, the Cabinet of Ministers, and the President of Ukraine - there is a clear understanding that individuals who spent their own money on repairing damaged homes should receive compensation from the government.

"To establish the appropriate procedure, changes to the fundamental law that introduced the mechanism for compensating damaged homes are necessary. I am confident that the government, together with the Ministry of Restoration and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, will develop the necessary solutions to enable Ukrainians who used their own funds for home repairs to receive compensation through 'Diia' and the Registry of Damaged and Destroyed Homes," explained Shulyak.

The parliament member informed that currently, there is no precisely defined methodology for how compensation will be provided for those who have already repaired their homes independently.

"Will they need to show verified expenses? Will it be through receipts or contracts? Or will it be compensation based on the average cost, as is the case with the e-Restoration program? I am confident that together with the Government, we will find a fair formula for all those who are expecting compensation for the money already spent on repairing their damaged homes," Shulyak concluded.