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Shelling of Vilniansk - Consequences of Russian strike revealed

Shelling of Vilniansk - Consequences of Russian strike revealed Russians shelled Vilniansk (photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine)

The Russian attack on Vilnyansk in the Zaporizhzhia region hit the city center. Seven people were killed and 20 injured, according to Ivan Fedorov, Head of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration.

"Vilniansk. A small but cozy town in the Zaporizhzhia region before the full-scale invasion. For more than two years now, Vilniansk and its residents have been suffering from constant Russian shelling. And today is no exception. The city center was hit," Fedorov wrote on Telegram.

According to the head of the Military Administration, there is information about 7 dead residents of the city, and 20 people have been hospitalized.

"There are 7 people in the hospital. Of these, 4 adults and 1 child are in serious condition," he said and also posted a video showing the aftermath of the strike.

Shelling of Vilniansk in Zaporizhzhia region

On the evening of June 29, Russian troops attacked the town of Vilniansk in the Zaporizhzhia region. Children are among the dead and injured as a result of the enemy shelling. The Russians targeted a critical infrastructure facility, a store, and residential buildings.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already responded to the Russian shelling and called on the West not to delay providing military assistance to Ukraine. In particular, Ukrainians need air defense systems.