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Shelling of Kharkiv: Details on victims' condition revealed

Shelling of Kharkiv: Details on victims' condition revealed Photo: RMA spoke about the condition of the victims after the shelling of Kharkiv on June 22 (

After the shelling of Kharkiv on June 22, over 40 people are hospitalized, with four of them in critical condition, reports Oleh Syniehubov, the head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

According to him, hospitals in the region are providing assistance to 41 injured, including three children.

"Four patients are in critical condition and have undergone surgery. The condition of the 12 and 13-year-old children is stable with positive progress. Another 17-year-old girl is receiving outpatient treatment," he said.

Syniehubov noted that these figures are likely not final, as more people continue to seek medical assistance following the shelling.

Attack on Kharkiv

On June 22, Russian forces launched artillery attacks on Kharkiv. Four strikes on the city were reported. The regional administration stated that the aggressors targeted a residential building. Initially, reports indicated two fatalities and two injuries.

Later, the number of casualties sharply increased — 15, then 18. Subsequently, information emerged confirming three fatalities and 29 injured.

By June 23, the State Emergency Service reported two fatalities and 53 injured. They also announced that the rescue operation had concluded.