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Several reasons to turn off Wi-Fi at night

Several reasons to turn off Wi-Fi at night Reasons to turn Wi-Fi off at night (photo: Unsplash)

Many of us are accustomed to not turning off Wi-Fi or mobile internet on our smartphones at night, perhaps due to the anticipation of important messages. Nevertheless, disconnecting the internet at night on your phone can have a positive impact on both your device and your sleep, writes RouterCtrl.

Battery charge savings

The most significant advantage of turning off the internet on your smartphone is that the device will discharge much slower than when Wi-Fi is enabled. This is especially relevant for older smartphones or devices with imperfect battery conditions. If you don't plan to replace your gadget yet, disabling unused features can help extend its operating life.


If the internet on the smartphone is on during the day, it's easy to track which network you are connected to. However, at night, the user won't be able to determine to which network the smartphone has connected. The device may automatically connect to any available networks, especially if the auto-connect to Wi-Fi feature is activated.

This can negatively impact security, as during the night, when the user is not monitoring the smartphone, the device may connect to a dangerous or even harmful network, leading to negative consequences.

Reduction of radiation

Even if the gadget is operating at low activity, it still emits SAR. According to experts, it is recommended to turn off Wi-Fi and mobile internet at night.

It's even better not to use the smartphone before bedtime and keep the device away at night to reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the device. Although this may seem debatable to many, disconnecting the internet at night, according to experts, is unlikely to cause harm.

Distracting factors

Every active internet user has messengers and social media accounts. Various messages can arrive at night, disturbing the quality of sleep or even waking you up, especially if an early rise is necessary for work.

By turning off Wi-Fi, you can reduce the number of distracting factors and improve the quality of sleep without worrying about unnecessary messages coming in at night.


Turning off Wi-Fi at night is beneficial for both you and your smartphone, but, of course, it's a personal choice and depends on your preferences and needs. You can disable automatic connection to available networks in the settings or leave mobile internet on at night if you don't want to miss anything important.

Alternatively, you can put your smartphone on silent mode so that unnecessary messages don't bother you, and in the morning, you can immediately read the latest news.

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