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Serbian students join protests against vote fraud

Serbian students join protests against vote fraud Photo: Serbian students demand access to voter lists (Getty Images)

A group of Serbian students gathered today in front of the building of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government in Belgrade, demanding access to voter lists, reports Radio Svobodna Evropa.

The students claim that they want to open the voter list to verify it after local and European organizations, which observed the elections in Serbia on December 17, expressed doubts about its accuracy.

At noon, the students began to block the building of the Ministry of Public Administration, and later, they announced another location where they would protest.

Earlier, they announced that the blockade would last for six hours, and students from the University of Novi Sad would join the protests in Belgrade.

Protests in Serbia

The opposition has been protesting since the elections on December 17, claiming that the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, among other things, stole them through fictitious registration of its voters from Serbia and abroad using addresses in Belgrade.

OSCE observers confirmed violations in the elections in Serbia. In particular, voter bribery and media bias were documented.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic referred to the protesters as "hooligans" and "arrogant revolutionaries," and convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Council.

Almost 40 demonstrators were arrested during a protest by the opposition coalition "Serbia against Violence" on December 24 in Belgrade after a group of masked individuals attempted to enter the building of the Belgrade Assembly.

Windows and entrance doors were broken, and the police inside the building used tear gas and pepper spray. The police reported that seven officers were injured as a result of the incidents.