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Scottish government should assist in weapons production for Ukraine

Scottish government should assist in weapons production for Ukraine Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The Scottish government should support the defense sector and arms production in the country to aid Ukraine, says Stuart McDonald, a member of the Scottish National Party.

He urges ministers in Holyrood (the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland) to play a more active role in supporting Scotland's domestic defense sector. He also believes it is necessary to enhance qualifications and increase contributions to the broader Western efforts to support Ukraine.

The deputy states that a support scheme for defense in Scotland and Ukraine should be established so that the Scottish government could collaborate with industry, colleges, universities, and the UK government to identify programs that could help combat Russian aggression.

"Such a scheme could also explore the creation of new partnership opportunities to support Ukraine's domestic defense sector with investments in skills, apprenticeships, research, and development ," he says.

Scotland and Russia's war against Ukraine

In January, it was reported that local authorities in several Scottish cities did not receive £10 million to fund the operation of hotels where refugees from Ukraine would be accommodated. This will force Ukrainians to seek alternative housing.

Last summer, the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom scrambled Typhoon fighter jets to intercept two Russian Tu-142 bombers detected in the country's airspace, north of the Shetland Islands in Scotland.