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Scientists sound alarm over powerful geomagnetic storm engulfing Earth

Scientists sound alarm over powerful geomagnetic storm engulfing Earth A powerful magnetic storm hits the Earth (collage: RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The powerful geomagnetic storm that recently hit the Earth has already caused radio and GPS to malfunction. Scientists emphasize that it can also cause a wave of hurricanes and storms.

RBC-Ukraine explains what theory the researchers have put forward, what it is based on, and whether the consequences of the magnetic storm threaten Ukrainians.

Sources: Daily Mail, Meteoagent, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Researchers' theory

According to a recent study, a solar storm that hits the Earth can cause hurricanes and storms.

As part of their work, a team of scientists used a model that:

  • studied the activity of tropical cyclones over the past 5500 years
  • identified 11 time periods when there were 40% more storms on Earth than usual

The only common feature of these periods was extreme solar activity.

Scientists' theory is that when the sun is overly active, it sends more energy to the Earth, which heats the oceans and becomes fuel for tropical storms.

Right now, the United States is in the midst of the so-called hurricane season, but given the solar activity, it could be a record-breaking one.

Scientists sound alarm over powerful geomagnetic storm engulfing EarthAn active sunspot in May 2024 (screenshot:

Geomagnetic storms impact on Earth's orbit and surface

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also reported that geomagnetic storms can affect infrastructure in Earth orbit and on the Earth's surface.

According to experts, such solar activity can significantly affect communications, power grids, navigation, radio, and satellite operations.

Professor Yang Wang from Florida State University clarified that it is not always easy to predict the impact of the Sun on the Earth's surface. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to say definitively that the geomagnetic storm will increase the number of tropical cyclones this year.

She adds that the role of solar activity in modulating tropical cyclone activity is complex.

"As the oceans warm up, they have more energy available to be converted into tropical cyclone winds, thus creating more favorable conditions for the development of stronger storms," she explains.

The scientists note that solar activity can be an important driver of climate variability and tropical cyclone activity through its effects on atmospheric circulation, ocean currents, and sea surface temperatures.

Scientists sound alarm over powerful geomagnetic storm engulfing EarthThe Sun's influence on the Earth (infographic:

Is there threat to Ukrainians?

Given that Ukraine is located relatively far from the ocean, it is unlikely to be threatened by tropical cyclones or powerful hurricanes.

At the same time, many studies conducted by scientists point to a possible relationship between magnetic storms and human activity.

The point is that super-powerful solar energy can negatively affect a person's mood and well-being.

Some people emphasize that health can deteriorate during magnetic storms, with headaches, heart problems, sleep disturbances, and weakness.

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