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Scientists reveal appearance of previously unknown species of tyrannosaur (photo)

Scientists reveal appearance of previously unknown species of tyrannosaur (photo) This is how Tyrannosaurus mcraeensis looked like (Photo: Sergey Krasovskiy)

Scientists have declared that the recently found remains of a prehistoric creature belong to a previously unknown relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex, slightly more primitive but equally large and fearsome. This newly identified species is named Tyrannosaurus mcraeensis, writes New Atlas.

Tyrannosaurus mcraeensis was 12 meters tall and weighed 10 tons. Compared to its closest relative, it had a longer but narrower lower jaw with blunter teeth, and its chin and eye ridges were less prominent.

Scientists state that Tyrannosaurus mcraeensis lived in North America at least 72 million years ago, approximately 6 million years before the appearance of Tyrannosaurus rex. Although it doesn't seem to be its direct ancestor, this discovery could help fill in some gaps in our understanding of how the tyrannosaur evolved.

Previously, the closest relatives were known only in Asia, suggesting they originated there and migrated through the territory of modern Siberia and Alaska. The new finding implies that the tyrannosaur evolved in southern North America before spreading north.

Вчені показали, як виглядав раніше невідомий вид тиранозавра (фото)

Bones of Tyrannosaurus mcraeensis differ from those of Tyrannosaurus rex (Photo:

Paleontologists have hypothesized that Tyrannosaurus rex may actually consist of three distinct species and have coined the names T. regina and T. imperator, while other scientists argue that the differences are not significant enough to support this theory.

A parallel discussion revolves around whether the fossils of smaller tyrannosaurs represent a separate species, named Nanotyrannus, or if they are simply "adolescent" T. rex individuals. Scientists note that additional research is needed to untangle the distorted family tree of tyrannosaurs.Вчені показали, як виглядав раніше невідомий вид тиранозавра (фото)Bones of Tyrannosaurus mcraeensis discovered during excavations in New Mexico (Photo:

Earlier, we reported that scientists revealed a perfectly preserved dinosaur embryo found within a fossilized egg.