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Scholz in Beijing expresses concern over China's support for Russia

Scholz in Beijing expresses concern over China's support for Russia Photo: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will express concern over China's support for Russia and the excessive capacities of Chinese production during his visit to China, Reuters reports.

According to officials, Germany does not seek to separate from the Chinese economy, but risk mitigation is extremely important.

They also added that there have been contacts between Germany and China regarding Iran, where Beijing has influence.

Friendship between Moscow and Beijing

Moscow and Beijing have intensified their partnership since President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in 2022, trying to protect Russia from unprecedented Western sanctions.

In March, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced a new paradigm in China's relations with Russia. Last year, bilateral trade reached a record $240 billion, driven by Chinese imports of Russian oil and exports of cars and electronics.

Earlier, Bloomberg reported that Washington is warning allies that Beijing has increased support for Moscow, including providing geospatial intelligence to assist it in the war against Ukraine.

As a sign of urgency on this issue, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stated during her visit to China that its banks and exporters should not bolster Russia's military potential, warning that "they will face significant consequences if they do".