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Scholz assures: Ukrainian workers in Germany safe

Scholz assures: Ukrainian workers in Germany safe Photo: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Getty Images)

Ukrainians with residency permits and official employment in Germany are not at risk, according to the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

As the Chancellor noted, Ukrainians with jobs will be able to stay in Germany, despite Ukraine's desire to repatriate citizens living abroad.

"The legal situation is such that residency here is not in question. Employment also contributes to the security of residency," said Scholz.

At the same time, the Chancellor urged Ukrainians to seek employment, as there is still a labor shortage in Germany.

"We hope that those who have come from Ukraine, once they have the opportunity to work, will work. It is worth noting that many are already doing so, but there are still several hundred thousand who are urgently needed in the labor market," he added.

Ukrainian conscripts abroad

It is worth mentioning that in Ukraine, the general mobilization and martial law have been extended until August 11, 2024. In addition, a new law on mobilization will come into force on May 18.

Against this backdrop, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has restricted the provision of certain consular services for conscripted men abroad. The government has also banned the issuance of passports to men aged 18 to 60 outside Ukraine.