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Martial law and mobilization in Ukraine extended again: New terms

Martial law and mobilization in Ukraine extended again: New terms Martial law and mobilization extended for another 90 days (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The Verkhovna Rada has voted to extend martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine. This legal regime will remain in effect for at least another 90 days, until August 11, 2024, according to MP Oleksii Honcharenko and MP Yaroslav Zhelezniak.

Today, May 8, parliamentarians passed bill No. 11234 to extend martial law, as well as bill No. 11235 to extend the period of general mobilization. These bills were submitted to the Rada by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

This marks the eleventh extension since the onset of full-scale war.

How MPs voted

The decision to extend martial law in the country was supported by 339 deputies.

336 MPs voted to extend mobilization.

According to the procedure, the documents must be signed by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Martial law

Martial law was introduced in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, due to full-scale military aggression by the Russian Federation.

This refers to a special legal regime that is introduced in the country or in certain areas in the event of armed aggression or threat of attack, endangering Ukraine's independence, territorial integrity, and provides the relevant authorities (military command, military administrations, and local self-government bodies) with the necessary powers to avert threats and repel aggression.

However, martial law should not be confused with a state of war. The regulation of martial law is determined by national legislation, whereas the state of war is regulated by international law. Declaration of war, according to international law, is carried out by addressing one's own people or the government of the opposing state, the international community, etc.


General mobilization is also in effect in Ukraine, during which military-eligible citizens aged 18 to 60 may be called up for service if they do not have legitimate grounds for deferment or exemption from military registration.

Ukraine has also adopted a series of laws amending certain issues of military registration and mobilization. For example, the mobilization age has been lowered to 25 years in the country, and as of May 4, the concept of "conditionally fit" has been abolished. Additionally, another comprehensive law will come into force on May 18, under which military-eligible individuals must update their data within two months.