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Scented candles and why they can be dangerous

Scented candles and why they can be dangerous RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

Scented candles are a popular decor element that not only enhances the home's aesthetics but also fills it with unique and pleasant fragrances. However, not all of them are safe. American physician John Zade and researchers from Aarhus University have discovered that using candles can be highly dangerous.

Sources used in preparing this material include: doctor's TikTok page, Daily Express website.

Why you shouldn't use scented candles

"If you use this thing in your home, you need to stop doing it immediately," declared the dermatologist.

According to him, most scented candles are made from paraffin. During burning and heating, this material can release highly toxic chemicals. They enter the air and can seriously harm humans.

In addition, scented candles often cause skin problems. The reason is that special aromatic compounds that make candles so popular can trigger rashes, especially on the eyelids. Irritation can also occur on any part of the body.

Danger of scented candles investigated by scientists

Last year, researchers from the Department of Health at Aarhus University conducted a study and found that burning candles can cause health problems for people with mild and latent forms of asthma.

This applies not only to candle smoke but also to vapors produced during burning. People with sensitive respiratory organs may experience skin problems. That's why scientists recommend ventilating rooms where candles are burning or burn them in rooms with open windows and doors.

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