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Scandal erupts over Germany's Euro 2024 team kit with Nazi symbols - Details

Scandal erupts over Germany's Euro 2024 team kit with Nazi symbols - Details Photo: Jonathan Tah wearing the national team shirt with number four (Getty Images)

The German national team has refused to use one of the shirt numbers in the new kit due to associations with the Nazi period in the country's history, reports Sport Bild.

The Bundesteam will not use the number 44 due to the similarity of the font with the symbols of the SS - the so-called security forces of the Third Reich. The technical sponsor of the team, Adidas, has prohibited the number from being applied when purchasing the kit.

The renowned sports equipment manufacturer faced criticism when photos of the new German national team kit appeared on the Internet. Fans were allowed to order shirts with the number 44, which resembled the doubled rune "zig" from the SS emblems, as well as to have the surnames of political figures from the Nazi period printed on them. Ultimately, Adidas blocked the sale of such shirts.

However, the German Football Association (DFB) assured that they would not use the number 44 even in friendly matches. The organization emphasized its rejection of extreme views. At the upcoming Euro 2024, Germany will not use controversial numbers anyway, as the declared players will receive numbers from 1 to 23.

The partnership between Adidas and DFB began in 1954. The contract between the parties is valid until December 2026. From 2027 to 2034, the technical partner of the Bundesteam will be the American manufacturer Nike, which will pay the Germans 100 million euros per year instead of the current sponsor's 50 million.

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Photo: It's better not to use the atypical double-four from the new national team uniform (Getty Images)