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Saudi Arabia asked U.S. to respond cautiously to Houthi attacks

Saudi Arabia asked U.S. to respond cautiously to Houthi attacks Saudi Arabia has requested the U.S. to respond with restraint to Houthi attacks (photo:

Saudi Arabia has called on the United States to show restraint in response to attacks by Yemeni Houthi rebels on American ships in the Red Sea, according to Reuters.

The largest oil exporter globally, Saudi Arabia, expressed concern over the launch of Houthi missiles towards U.S. vessels. The kingdom is closely monitoring the situation amid heightened tensions in the region. This information is based on Reuters reports.

Two sources familiar with Saudi Arabia's perspective stated that Riyadh's message to Washington about restraint is aimed at avoiding further escalation. The sources added that Riyadh remains satisfied with how the United States is handling the situation.

Saudi Arabia is also pushing for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. According to several sources, Saudi Arabia's international policy is focused on promoting regional stability after years of confrontation with Iran and its allies.

With a focus on expanding and diversifying its economy, Riyadh has also normalized relations with Tehran this year and seeks to end the nearly nine-year war it has been waging against the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Sources reported that Saudi Arabia aims to advance a peaceful process in Yemen, fearing that it may be derailed.

Houthi strikes on U.S. ships

Earlier, it was reported that a U.S. destroyer in the Red Sea shot down a drone, which presumably flew from Yemen toward Israel. Following the incident, the United States called on Iran to stop irresponsible and unprofessional flights of its drones near American military ships.

The drone incident occurred against the backdrop of Washington's state of readiness for potential active measures by Iran-backed groups in the Middle East, during Israel's military operation against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, a few days later, an American military ship and several commercial vessels came under attack in the Red Sea.