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Russians unsuccessfully attempt to breach Ukrainian air defense systems

Russians unsuccessfully attempt to breach Ukrainian air defense systems Russia has bet on ballistic missiles, but it won't help it much (photo: Getty Images)

Russian forces continue to experiment and adapt their missile and drone strike packages in Ukraine, attempting to penetrate Ukrainian air defense systems. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have successfully adapted to Russian tactics, and sanctions are impacting the quality of missiles, hindering the aggressor's ability to launch successful attacks on our country, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

The report refers to a Russian blogger who notes that Russian forces have recently launched attacks on Ukraine using various types of missiles, including hypersonic ballistic missiles like the Kh-47 Kinzhal. The blogger also claims that Russian forces have deployed unidentified aerial decoys and Shahed drones to bypass Ukrainian air defense systems, enabling successful missile strikes.

Meanwhile, ISW experts have observed Russian forces experimenting with different combinations of drone and missile strikes, attempting to penetrate Ukrainian air defense systems, as Ukrainian forces have adapted to Russian attack patterns.

The Institute also does not rule out the possibility that Russia is increasing efforts to acquire ballistic missiles from abroad, as, under certain circumstances, this type of missile could be more successful in targeting objectives in Ukraine.

"Ukrainian Air Force Spokesperson Colonel Yurii Ihnat stated on January 14 that sanctions are likely reducing the quality of Russian missiles. The reported decrease in quality of Russian missiles may further hinder Russia’s ability to conduct successful strike series against Ukraine," the ISW report says.

Large-scale shelling of Ukraine on January 13

On the morning of January 13, Russian occupiers launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine using various types of missiles. The military aggressors fired cruise missiles from Tu-95MS aircraft, anti-ship missiles Kh-22/32 from Tu-22M3 bombers, and air-launched ballistic missiles Kinzhal from MiG-31K fighters.

A total of 40 aerial attack events were recorded. Ukrainian air defense forces successfully intercepted and shot down 8 missiles, with over 20 projectiles failing to reach their targets.

Of particular note, out of the six air-launched Kinzhal missiles fired at Ukraine, three did not reach their intended objectives. Incidents were reported in the Dnipro, Poltava, and Sumy regions, with missile debris falling in Chernihiv.

Earlier, ISW noted that Ukrainian air defense systems are effectively adapting to Russian attacks.