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Russians to receive electronic military draft notices

Russians to receive electronic military draft notices Russians will receive electronic summons starting from November 1 (photo: GettyImages)

From November 1, Russians will receive electronic military draft notices. Several restrictions will be introduced for conscripts, according to the ASTRA Telegram channel.

According to a source, the draft notice will be considered delivered seven days after it is posted in the electronic registry. Restrictions will apply to Russians.

"After the launch of the electronic registry, conscripts will not be able to leave the country, obtain a passport for foreign travel, register a private enterprise, carry out real estate transactions, register or manage vehicles, or take out loans or borrow money," ASTRA Telegram channel reported.

Access to the registry will be available to the Ministry of Defense and various agencies.

"Besides the Ministry of Defense, the FSB and other special services will have access to the registry. Tax authorities and agencies registering entrepreneurs and real estate transactions must provide data on citizens to the registry," the source reports.

Mobilization to the Russian Federation

Earlier, we reported that, according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Russians are preparing to send an additional 300,000 people to mobilization by June 1.

Russians are also mobilizing residents of temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. In Mariupol, the Russian army plans to start the process in May.

In the occupied territories of the Zaporizhzhia region, Russians also plan to conduct mobilization.