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Russians suffer significant losses in Kurakhove direction: Frontline update as of June 2

Russians suffer significant losses in Kurakhove direction: Frontline update as of June 2 Photo: in the Kurakhove direction, the Russians have suffered significant losses in the last day (Getty Images)

In the past 24 hours, there have been 98 skirmishes on the front line, and since the beginning of the current day, there have already been 29 skirmishes. Russian forces have suffered significant losses on the Kurakhove direction, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Kharkiv direction, fighting continues near Starytsia since the beginning of the day. The situation is under control. According to updated information, the enemy lost 115 individuals on this front line over the past day.

In the Lyman direction near Terny, the enemy's attack was unsuccessful.

In the Siversk direction today, there have been five skirmishes: three enemy attacks were repelled, and two battles are ongoing.

In the Kramatorsk direction, there have been three skirmishes since the beginning of the day. The enemy has not achieved success.

In the Pokrovsk direction, the enemy is attempting to advance in the areas of Novooleksandrivka and Sokol. Two attacks were repelled, and three are ongoing. The situation is tense, and defense forces are taking measures to stabilize the situation.

In the Kurakhove direction, three attempts by the enemy to approach Kostiantynivka have failed. There have been no losses of positions. According to updated information, yesterday's enemy activity resulted in significant losses, with over 200 occupiers killed or wounded.

Since the beginning of the day in the Vremivka direction, the enemy's attempt to storm our positions near Staromaiorske has not succeeded.

Also unsuccessful was the attempt by Russian occupiers in the Orihiv direction near Mala Tokmachka.

In the Pridniprovskyi direction, Russian invaders persist in attempts to displace our units from the foothold near Krynky. Two attacks by Russian invaders have failed, with no loss of positions.

Russian Federation's offensive towards Kharkiv

Over the past three weeks, Russian occupiers have been attempting to break through the defenses of Ukrainian forces in northern Kharkiv region. Currently, Russian troops have seized approximately 30% of the city of Vovchansk, where they are engaged in street fighting.

Local authorities indicate there may also be a threat of intensified activity by the occupiers towards the city of Zolochiv. However, defense forces report no such enemy activity being observed at present.