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Russians strike in Khmelnytskyi region: Consequences revealed

Russians strike in Khmelnytskyi region: Consequences revealed Illustrative photo: Night attack on Khmelnytskyi region: the regional military administration named the consequences (GettyImages)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

Russian troops shelled the Khmelnytskyi region at night on November 30. The Regional Military Administration named the consequences.

Serhii Tyurin, the first deputy chief of the Regional Military Administration, says that air defense forces were working during the attack. There are no victims.

"At night, during another enemy attack, air defense forces worked in the region. We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine once again for their quality work," Tyurin says.

An agricultural enterprise was damaged due to an attack on the Shepetivskyi district.

"At the same time, information was received that as a result of the attack in the Shepetivskyi district, the roof, windows, and doors of the agricultural enterprise were damaged," Tyurin says.

According to the deputy head of the Regional Military Administration, all relevant services are working.

Attacks in the Khmelnytskyi region

Khmelnytskyi region often comes under fire from Russian troops.

On the night of November 28, during the shelling by the Russians, fragments of a downed drone fell on the roof of a private house. In the afternoon, during the air raid, residents of Khmelnytskyi region heard explosions.

There were also explosions during an air raid in Khmelnytskyi region on November 24. Later, Tyurin announced the work of air defense.