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Russians shell frontline power plant for third time in 24 hours

Russians shell frontline power plant for third time in 24 hours Russians shelled a frontline thermal power plant for the third time in 24 hours (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The Russian army has once again shelled a thermal power plant in the frontline region. This was the third time in the last day, according to DTEK (the largest commercial energy operator in Ukraine).

"Yesterday, the occupiers shelled one of DTEK's thermal power plants located near the contact line for many hours. The attacks resumed at night and this morning," the statement says.

According to DTEK, no one was injured in the shelling. However, the company's equipment was damaged. After the shelling stopped, the energy company began to eliminate its consequences.

DTEK emphasizes that this is the eighth attack on the frontline thermal power plant in the last month and a half.

Yesterday, Russian troops attacked a thermal power plant near the frontline, and two units of the plant shut down.

Electricity situation in Ukraine

Currently, the electricity situation in Ukraine is stable, with no blackouts. However, due to constant Russian shelling, there are interruptions in the frontline regions.

Today, Ukraine has recorded a record-high level of electricity consumption. Therefore, to stabilize the situation, Ukraine has attracted emergency assistance from Romania and Poland.