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Russians shell 15 houses in Nikopol, Dnipro region, with artillery: Woman injured

Russians shell 15 houses in Nikopol, Dnipro region, with artillery: Woman injured Illustrative photo (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

The Russian army today, on August 1st, shelled Nikopol with heavy artillery. A woman was injured as a result of the enemy attack, according to the Dnipro Regional Military Administration.

Details of the shelling are as follows

"The Russian army shelled Nikopol twice with heavy artillery," the report says.

Fifteen private houses were damaged. Rescuers saved an 81-year-old woman from one of them and provided medical assistance. She will receive outpatient treatment.

Photo: Consequences of the strikes (

Additionally, 11 agricultural structures, vehicles, 15 solar panels, electrical transmission lines, and gas pipelines were also damaged.

The aftermath of the morning attack by the occupiers

"According to updated information, there is destruction in the Velykomykhailivka community of the Synelnykovo district as a result of the morning shelling. Three residential buildings were damaged," the Regional Military Administration stated.

Due to severed power lines, more than 450 families were left without electricity. Their homes have already been restored. The same community was shelled by the aggressor during the day without any casualties.

Russian attacks on the Dnipro region

Russian occupiers regularly shell populated areas in the Dnipro region, which is located near the front line.

It was previously reported that on August 25, Russian forces again struck Nikopol, resulting in the death of one person, a 59-year-old man, due to enemy attacks.

Recently, Russian occupiers attacked the Synelnykovo district, resulting in one fatality and six people being injured. Agricultural enterprises, educational institutions, and vehicles were also damaged in the area.